Teaching Your Kids The Power Of Prayer

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”.

How To Teach Your Kids To Pray

It is wonderful to watch your kids grow stronger physically and mentally. But our joy doubles when we see our kids have personal relationships with our Lord Jesus Christ. Nonetheless, we have a role to play in the spiritual growth of our children. Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”.

As parents, it is our responsibility to train our young ones around us; we should not dump these responsibilities on the pastors, teachers, doctors, etc. Furthermore, teaching your kids how to pray may seem like an uphill task, but it is not. There are many ways to teach them how, when and why to pray. Here is the truth; the earlier you get started, the better and faster they grow in Christ. Below are some tips to teach your children to pray.

Cultivate a prayerful life

Children are great observers and mimickers; they learn faster by what they see adults do around them. So, if you want your kids to pray, then you have to cultivate a prayer life. They need to see you pray. Besides, being an example is one of the quickest ways you can get your kids interested in prayer. At first, they may ask you what you are doing, it is okay. It is the opportunity for you to explain why you pray and the importance of prayers. You do not have to hide all the time when praying; let your kid watch and learn.

Pray with your kids

Another best way to teach your kids how to pray is by praying with them. To some parents, this may slow them down, but it is totally fine. Jesus Christ is never in a hurry; He wants to spend time with us, most especially the young ones around us.

Matthew 19:14 (TPT) “I want little children to come to me, so never interfere with them when they want to come, for heaven’s Kingdom realm is composed of beloved ones like these! Listen to the truth: no one will enter the kingdom realm of heaven unless he becomes like one of these”

You can start by telling your kid to prayer before the family eats dinner, throw in some words if he ever gets stuck. Letting your kids say prayers while you assist will boost their confidence and as they grow older physically and spiritually, they will not need your help.

Pray a general prayer in the morning, before meals and before bed

The more you create time for prayers, the faster your kids are going to learn. When you wake up in the morning, go to their room (if they sleep in the same room) or pick one room each day, and then say the morning prayers. In addition, as stated above, bless the food before you eat, and end the day with family prayers. As you do all these, your children are watching, and with time, they will be able to pray on their own.

Buy Christian books for kids

While shopping for your kids, remember to add a bible based storybooks in the shopping cart, especially the ones that encourage prayers. Some parents made the mistake of getting toys, favorite cartoon movies, and games for their kids, without attending to the spiritual wellbeing of their kids. You have to balance it too; spiritual growth is as important as their physical growth.

Talk about prayer

It is essential to tell your kids what you pray for, why your prayers are vital so that they won’t see prayer time like something they just have to do, without meaning. When your prayers get answered, share the testimony with them, let them know God hears and answers prayers. This will build their faith in God, and teach them to count on God all the time.

Encourage Yourself In the Lord, with body & soul

In conclusion, prayer is vital to the spiritual growth of the family; the earlier you teach your kids how to pray, the easier it will be to lead them to Christ. Besides, when they learn at a tender age, it will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Don’t forget; a family that prays together, stay together. Let Jesus Christ be the anchor of your family.

I love when my grandsons are told to pray for someone, because they jump right in and go for it. Immediately they start praying, that’s the joy of having children pray. They are pure and sincere, and eager to say the least.

The Power of Prayer

Author: Courtney Rowe

Hello beautiful people! My name is Courtney, Anita's daughter. Mother of three beautiful little boys; an 10 month old, and five year old twins. Chase, Tyler and Mark. I love blogging, people, and traveling. I am a native Tucsonan. I am a Only child. Absolutely loved by my parents, and I guess a little spoiled a well. I have always wanted to write, in high school as well as college. I used to write on-stop It oak me a while, but now I have a much better platform. I pray something is said to help carry you throughout the day. Please feel free to leave a comment, impart some wisdom or knowledge. You never out grow your need to learn. Thank you! Courtney Ann

4 thoughts on “Teaching Your Kids The Power Of Prayer”

  1. So true. I started teaching our children to pray as soon as they were big enough to put their hands together. I would hold them in my lap and help them pray. They have known Jesus all of their lives. I was elated when they told me and their father they wanted to get baptized. I sat down with them and explained what baptism was all about; they could not wait to get baptized. When that day came, we were so happy to be able to share that moment with our children. It is never to early or to late to start teaching your children to pray. God bless you for your inspiring words.

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