Pho Chay

Pho soup can certainly fit into a healthy eating plan, especially if you prepare it at home and include the right toppings.


The benefits of Pho Chay, a very delicious lip smacking soup. Lol….In my blog, I will make mention of various foods from time to time. Generally they will have a great health benefit, if it’s on the blog. Not to mention the fact, that I am so eager to share with you. Most of these foods or recipes you might have already had, because I realize I’m the one, a day late and a dollar short, lol. ENJOY!

Ok everyone, a friend and I went to this Vietnamese Restaurant a few days ago, and if you haven’t noticed I love to eat out, well let’s put it like this, I love to eat. Especially fantastic foods that plenty of love and skills have gone into, and I hate eating the same foods over and over again, I must have variety.

Let me tell you about my vegetarian Pho Chay. It came in a very large bowl, full of the most tasty broth, with plenty of rice noodles, topped with slices of carrots, zucchini, green onions, broccoli, mushrooms and a side plate with crunchy bean sprouts, jalapeños, basil, fresh lime wedges, and cilantro. What is the most important element of Vietnamese pho noodle soup? Of course, it’s the broth. It’s aromatic, flavorful, hearty, a savory broth with so much deliciousness that you know has been simmered for your goodness, enough to warm the heart on a chilly afternoon.

Of course this soup can vary, even the Tofu was pretty tasteful, and it was a first for Tofu. I’m impressed! Years ago I would have never eating Tofu. This was good eating with my dear friend Sioux.

I have a treat for you, and you’re gonna love it. WAIT FOR IT……There are only 273 calories in a 2.5 Cups serving of Pho Chay (Vietnamese Rice Noodle Vegetable Soup). Calorie breakdown: 2% fat, 92% carbs, 6% protein.

A meal-sized portion of pho may provide up to 400 calories which are only 20% of the recommended daily intake of calories. As you can see, good quality pho isn’t the highly fattening fast food it was made up to be. This is especially true with pho that was made using traditional methods.

Some Vietnamese people say that pho is not pho without MSG but that’s just because there is rampant use of it in pho. They are used to the ‘sweet’ flavor that MSG lends. Using yellow rock sugar makes that happen in pho broth. … With all the spices we have available to us today, there is no need for MSG at all

Rice noodles have around 350 calories per 100g and therefore are not as good a choice as soba noodles, as they are both higher in calories and less filling. In moderation though they can be a good part of a healthy balanced diet, especially when served with lean meat or vegetables.

Encourage Yourself In the Lord: Through Mind Body & Soul “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 2:5

Pho is low in fat and supplies several key vitamins and minerals, but it can also be high in sodium. Pho soup can certainly fit into a healthy eating plan, especially if you prepare it at home and include the right toppings. Remember the body and soul goes hand in hand, one cannot take care of the body and not the soul, and vice versa. Let’s strive to take care of our temple together through EXERCISING , EATING HEALTHY , and PRAYER, as well READING your BIBLES . ENJOY!

Thanks to Sioux, who enlightens me on all of the dietary facts she has learned and encourages me to eat a more nutritional diet, in order to have a better quality of life physically.

Author: Courtney Rowe

Hello beautiful people! My name is Courtney, Anita's daughter. Mother of three beautiful little boys; an 10 month old, and five year old twins. Chase, Tyler and Mark. I love blogging, people, and traveling. I am a native Tucsonan. I am a Only child. Absolutely loved by my parents, and I guess a little spoiled a well. I have always wanted to write, in high school as well as college. I used to write on-stop It oak me a while, but now I have a much better platform. I pray something is said to help carry you throughout the day. Please feel free to leave a comment, impart some wisdom or knowledge. You never out grow your need to learn. Thank you! Courtney Ann

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