Personal Development

Personal development is key to being a better you

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Personal development: Is something we should all strive to accomplish each day, one of the most important keys to being a better person is the continual strives we make each day to do better than the day before. We as Christians should put into practice daily becoming better humans.

It would be a terrible thing to go throughout this life never striving to be a greater human being, which would mean doing away with evil thoughts, anger, or un-forgiveness. Issues such as anger that we allow to become bottled up inside of us, begins to eat away at our spirit or flesh, or both.

Personal development is a necessary key to becoming great in the eyes of God, as well as to ourselves, if no one else. We put aside what others think or feel regarding us because their opinions matter not. In the end it is God, that you and I will have to give in account to.

God loves when we aim to be more like Him, when we work at sinning no more. When personal development according to the scriptures has precedence in our lives. Note that this is a daily struggle, a daily goal, or daily accomplishment we should never neglect to work at.

Personal development comes in various ways, it can be attitude, it can be gratification, or a thought process, maybe even something we are holding on to, just maybe its not surrendering your will to God’s will. Key elements to being a better you would be adhering to the word of God, and applying His word to your life.

When dealing with personal development it encompasses areas such as strength, emotional, mental, success, education, rest and relaxation, change, goals, self awareness, healing, spirituality, and freedom. All which are vital to becoming a much better person in the natural and spiritual realm.

Think spiritual first at all times even though we are in a natural state of being. It is a spiritual warfare that we deal with on a daily basis, which many do not understand. Reading God’s Word will enlighten you in every area needed in your life. Seek God’s face daily, make it a way of life. Because your life depends on it.

Encourage yourself: The word of God tells us to acknowledge Him in all our ways, and He will direct our path. So when pursuing our goals and aspirations or striving to be a better person in our personal development seek God first. In doing so He will layout the guidelines we are to follow. I must tell you that process or way of life becomes easier as the days go by, when you desire to do His will.

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