Cory Henry & Nick Semrad

Cory Henry & Nick Semrad, are awesome at what they do when it comes to playing the piano

Cory Henry and Nick Semrad seem to be doing what they love must, and that’s music. They allow you to see and hear their full potential through the Ivory keys before them. The skills, the fun and the joy from these two young men is incredible. Sit back and listen with your heart. When I am just sitting around I love to listen to webinars, good music, and or motivational speeches, as well as videos that will shed some knowledge on me.

Cory Henry: One of the finest Hammond B-3 organ players of his generation, Cory Henry was a child prodigy, playing both piano and organ by the time he was two years old, making his debut at the legendary Apollo Theater when he was only six. He has worked in the studio and toured with countless artists, including Yolanda Adams, Stanley Brown, Israel Houghton, P. Diddy, Kirk Franklin, Kenny Garrett (the 19-year-old Henry became a fixture in Garrett’s touring band for three years), Donnie McClurkin, Boyz II Men, Michael McDonald, Bruce Springsteen, the Roots, and many others. He has also worked as a bandleader and producer as well as an in-demand sideman.

Nick Semrad, who plays keyboards and synths with the Cory Henry-led Funk Apostles, shows us how he programs the Dave Smith Prophet 08 for optimal use of its filter cutoff and aftertouch effects and explains how this has developed with the music. Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles

But I wanted to share a bit of my love with you. Just maybe you can sit back, grab a glass of tea and just enjoy the art and craft of various individuals loving what they do. the music. What skills, what awesomeness to sit among people no matter their color, ethnicity, or background, and purely enjoy the greatness that exudes from their total being.

Enjoy: Listen to this music, just like listening to someone sing, or drawing, or maybe even giving a inspirational speech just excites my inner person. I encourage you to take to get off the Roller coaster of our daily schedules. To embrace the beauty and livelihood of others. Cory Henry and Nick Semrad are a force to be reckoned with.

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