What Is Sexting?

Sexting, something that many people are doing especially teens.

Everything You Need To Know About Sexting

What is sexting?
Sexting is a type of personalized erotica before you jump into conclusion by tagging sexting as shameful, exploitative or simply stupid. It may interest you to know that sexting may just be the recipe you need to spice up your marriage. It gives you the freedom to be your very own author and illustrator with the creativity to invent your provocative, lucid stories for oneself and the object of desire.

It has become the norm in the society today, virtually everyone has heard, or indulged in the “guilty pleasure” called sexting. However, if you do not know a zilch about sexting, no need to feel bad, you are not the only one. Before we proceed, you need to know that “Everything you need to know about sexting” is not written to castigate sexting. Although the subject matter is frowned upon due to religious sentiments or perhaps the kind of environment we were brought up.

This is the twenty-first century, and almost everybody is personalizing the use of technology to suit their lifestyle, including using technology to enhance relationships with their partners. There are still a lot of people who shy away from this issue because they feel it is a sin. Well, we are going to come to that if indeed sexting is a “touch not” subject.

Instead of seeing this as the devil’s invention, see it as the latest and productive way to boost up your marriage. Sexting has been on for ages, but it is just named differently. In the medieval era, lovers exchange letters and without any doubt, and the letters were not one hundred percent (100%) void of provocative, graphics stories. Imagine the boring days at work, wondering if working your head off is actually worth it and then you get pictures with naughty texts from your husband. Or a sexy image of your wife appearing in the middle of the day at work; it will definitely brighten your day and make you want to run home to be with her.

To indulge in sexting is also to meet your partner in an erotic e-classroom; it is a place where you communicate your needs and desires so that by the time you are in bed together, you know each other’s deepest fantasies without having to say anything. Relationships are made more exciting by such never-ending foreplay where you are secretly bathed in the physical advances of your partner’s texts. You write your own love stories all day, every day, no matter where you are. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to secure your device with a strong password to avoid embarrassing situations.

Good sexters know that the benefits of putting their thoughts into words are that they can stop, think, edit, or erase entirely.
If you get such pictures from your partner, just know it took guts for him to do so. There are three stages; pulsing (thinking if to send it is a good idea), he is perhaps biting his lip, designing the perfect phrase, or filtering the hottest picture before he finally clicks Send.

What are the reasons people indulge in sexting
There are different reasons why people indulge in sexting; some do it to keep the “fire of love” burning in the relationship, some do it to overcome the distance between them, others do it just for the fun of it. No matter the reason, we can all agree that many people are quickly embracing the idea.

What are the benefits of sexting in your relationship?
Believe it or not, sexting plays an important role in every relationship. If you want to bring excitements, or spice things up a bit, sexting is one of the thrilling steps to take. Below are some of the benefits of sexting with your partner.

It makes your relationship exciting; it cannot be overemphasized enough that sexting is one of the key ingredients to enjoy a pleasurable affair with your spouse.
Spontaneity: the reason some couples get bored in their relationship, is not because they no longer love their partners, it is because they’ve understood their partners so well that they can predict every step of their spouse. This sometimes, may not be a good thing; that is why sexting is ideal for such relationships. It keeps your spouse on his toes, always thinking of the next possible actions you may or may not be taking.

Sexting brings partners closer: Some people in marriage today live as roommates and not romantic partners. When you indulge in sexting with your partner, it brings you closer and creates a sweet bond.

It eliminates the chances of infidelity: unfortunately, there are a lot of broken homes as a result of infidelity. There is no excuse for infidelity; however, you can eliminate the risk by sexting with your partner. Would you rather allow someone else to sext with your partner just because you are not into such acts?

The cons:
Everything including sexting has an advantage and disadvantage; it can change your relationship positively, but it can also cause damages to your personality if you are not careful.
Blackmail: sadly, some people have been blackmailed for trusting the wrong persons with their sexts. A lot of young girls especially are in toxic relationships because they are being blackmailed by their partners.

Hackers: the world is a digital world and one of the disadvantages is hackers gaining access o your private information and sharing it with the world just by a click of a button. Ensure you scan your device for any sign of virus or malware; it eliminates the risk of your information to fall into the wrong hands.

Negligence: sexting is a pleasurable but serious game you and your partner need to keep under wraps. If you have kids, teach them not to meddle with your devices. Let them know that your device is meant you only and not for their amusement. Some parents do not set boundaries for their children; it is wrong, the earlier you train them to have respect for other people’s privacy the better for you and your spouse. Allowing your little ones to toy with your phone may seem nice and cute until they incidentally post your sext to your social media. Set boundaries!

Clowning: Keep your sexting to yourself. Your sizzling pictures of your partner or you are not meant for friends and family. No matter how close friend is, never disclose the sext of your partner to them. It is disrespectful and may bring mistrust to the relationship if your partner finds out that your friends have seen his or her sext. This is the reason why sexting should be done by mature minds.

Furthermore, trust is essential when indulging in sext with your partner. You do not want to engage in this kind of erotica with a person who shortly after exchanging numbers demands a picture of your boobs or anyone who sends you a Facebook message or Snapchat of his private part after only a few brief exchanges. Bad sexters are like bad lovers a huge disappointment; if you must share your erotic pictures with someone who is not your husband or wife, ensure the person has a mature mind and has earned your trust.

Encourage Yourself: 

This is my belief, if you are a minor, I would personally call you loose and promiscuous. At the age of 13, why would you show off your body to another person, male or female? The matters of sex are often times complicated for adults, how much harder would it be for a adolescent? Let’s be real, if after doing so, and things don’t go the way you thought they should go, you would then cry rape. This my friend angers me, because the female was more than willing to put it all out there, and when things go awry. You want everyone to believe that you were this good little girl, making the other party’s life miserable.

Young girls keep your clothes on, and STOP sending nude or half nude photos to others. Your body is a temple of God, and you need to treat it as such. As Lyfe Jennings said in one of his songs, “Once you give it away, you can’t get it back.” You as teens, and even some of you grown women, if you only realized your value or worth, you would never just freely give your goodies away. Note that sexy is not what you can see, but what you can’t.

Sexting is not illegal, but can open up a huge can of worms, if not careful. It’s the world in which we live in, anything goes. No moral compass, no decency, no integrity or any spiritual fortitude. Now this is not to offend, this is just me telling my truth. Short story: My grown niece once said to me,  “Auntie, the guys think I play hard to get,” In return I responded with, “you are not playing hard to get, you are hard to get.” Always remember that ladies, “You Are Hard To Get.”

So whatever your pleasure is, you will have plenty of time for that when you are older. I encourage you to save yourself for that particular time in your life. Life is complicated enough, why add to it? If you are a minor, focus on school, good grades, and having a positive attitude. It allows people to see the real beauty of who you are, and you and your parents can be so proud. Your inner worth is so much more than you can even imagine.

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