Puberty And Your Adolescences

Puberty and Your Teenager, the period which all adolescents reach sexual maturity and become capable of reproduction.

The age range of thirteen to nineteen years is marked as the teenage period. This period is basically characterized by teenhood or if you like, adolescents. Puberty does not exactly start at the beginning of the teenage life for all teens. For most youth, it starts a little earlier and then is fully made manifest at teenhood.
The undermentioned are bound to occur in the life of your teenager. This article is therefore aimed at bringing you knowledge the way puberty affects your youngster, their likely behaviors and the best way to encourage your adolescents.

Things to Know About Puberty and How It Affects Your Teenager

1. The Evidence of Puberty Becomes Evident: At this stage, you begin to see visible puberty signs on your teenager. This is as opposed to the early unseen signs that already started within the age of 8-12. In the case of girls, the use of brassieres as a result of breast growth occurs. A this time both sexes begin to grow pubic hair, and acne. Which are very dominant during this period. For boys, their voices begin to change and becomes a bit crackling, but will later become husky.

2. Overall Body Growth Also Takes Place: During the puberty stages, an all-round growth is bound to occur. The growth of the girls abruptly starts, and she begins to look bigger than everyone including the boys her age. The massive growth period then slows down at about age 15 or a few years later. The growth of the boy then erupts, catches up with that of the girl and surpasses it.

3. Sexual Changes Occur: These signs span from menstruation in the case of girls. For the boys, their male organs also experiences a remarkable change. All of this does not, occur at once. It is usually over a length of time. Menstruation for girls is also known as a period or monthly, which is a regular discharge of blood and mucosal tissue,also known as menses from the inner lining of the uterus through the vagina. The first period usually begins between ages 11 and 14 years old and even as early as 9 years old.

4. The puberty period usually comes in stages: For girls, before the attainment of the teen age, the breast begins to develop, however it is, more rapid during the teen stage. This is closely followed by the development of pubic hair and hair under the arm, then finally, menstruation sets in. Acne also comes with puberty for a number of girls. For some girls, the menstruation flow comes with a syndrome known as PMS, which means Premenstrual Syndrome. Some notable signs of this includes but is not limited to; cramps or menstrual pain, nausea, backache, headaches, inflammation, pimples which usually disappears after the menstrual cycle. It should be noted that bodies differ and as a result, some people experience some of the above and some don’t. There are however, certain reliefs that helps subside cramps. The consumption of warm water and the use of Vitamin B1. The use of essential oils are also helpful as well.

For the boys, the testicles begin to enlarge, then after about a year, the male sexual organ also begin to enlarge. Pubic hair growth is also a normal occurrence. Emissions during sleep with the instance of wet dreams may also occur. For some boys, they begin to develop hair on their bodies. For boys the testicles grow in volume and size. The penis for some may see a change in the size as well. The scrotum becomes reddened, thinner, and larger. A few pubic hairs become visible and they are long, straight and slightly dark. From 10 years old to 14 years old. The testes continue to grow in volume and size. The penis becomes longer. The scrotum continues to enlarge. Pubic hairs become darker and curlier and more of them appear.

5. The Behavior of Your Teenager May Have Slight Variance: You may notice that your teenager begins to claim to be able to do a lot of things themselves and don’t need your help. At this stage, they become more vocal and sometimes, easily infuriated. They stake claims easily and want to be heard always. As a parent or guardian, you have to understand that they mostly do not have control over it, so this is another  reason you should be really close to them during this stage of being a teen. They should feel even though you are the parent, you are always there with an open ear. Make sure to know who their friends are that they spend a lot of time wih.. The foregoing is essential because, at this stage, they are often open to influences. Peer pressure may set in and before you know it, you begin to wonder where the sweet child you use to know has disappeared to.

For boys, puberty is likely to have the following influences in their behaviors. They become easily angered, forms an excessive sleeping habit and very commonly begins to masturbate.

6. Mental and Psychological Growth Occurs: They tend to begin to channel their energy into a craft or skill. Ideas begin to strike their minds. Their career paths may become clearer and their horizon broader. They can, however, be easily distracted despite the illusion of always insisting that they know what they want or what is good for them.

7. Emotional Growth Occurs: Their minds also begins to open up in diverse ways. This is probably the reason they fall in love or think they are in love too quickly. Romantic inklings start to hit them and this may be what spurs their sexual intuitions.

8. An Angry Teenager: Often times teenagers will go through a phase where they seem to be angry at the least little things. Mostly due to the hormones raging or misplaced feelings. Even to the point where the uptight delinquency cannot explain why they are angry in the first place.

Important issues parents should be sure to discuss with their children are as follows;
1. Condoms and its importance
2. Sexuality/Sex
3. Ejaculation/Semen
4. Respect of ones body and privacy
5. Pregnancy/ Abortion
6. No, means no!
7. Genitals Male and Females
8. Cleanliness
9. Proper useage of prophylactics
10.Tampons/ Maxipads

Your Teenager might be shy to talk to you about the sexual desires that spring up in them. The reason you should be close to your kids, is so you will be able to advise them. Don’t shy away from discussing their sexuality with them. If you don’t discuss these things with them, they’ll find other ways to have their questions or concerns answered and you might not be pleased with the outcome. If your teenager is the reclusive or extremely shy type, make them know you’re their friend, be available. Educate them about how to be in control of their sexual lives, because no matter how in control they seem, they might have a lot of panging questions bombarding their minds. They are curiously eager to know what their bodies are doing. If left totally alone, they might literally wander and get lost.

On the whole, as a parent, you have a huge role to play in this fragile period of your teen. Make sure they don’t get overwhelmed by the many occurrences taking place in their lives. A lot of parents are too busy to pay little details in regards to what is going on in their teenagers life. Talk to them about how to embrace the changes they are going through and how to improve themselves. Try to know their preferences and subsequently guide them. Your teenager will try out new things especially in the early stage of his or her teenage life. Guide them and make sure they are not involved in illegalities. Dont forget to be patient with them but still stern with them. Make sure to create boundaries and help them stick to it. Teach them to be disciplined at all times.

The adult your teen become in a matter of years is a function of his or her teenage developments. This is the reason it is imperative to pay attention to them and help them grow correctly, as well as help them through any difficulties.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: So when your teenager wants to sit in his or her room and listen to music on their headphones while tuning you out. It is a crucial time for your adolescence because they might become a defiant teenager, hostil, or a helpless teenager, because their body will metamorph. Remember to cut your kids some slack, because they are not themselves. Weird changes are occurring throughout this puberty stage. You remember don’t you?